PJ & Company offers its “Checklist for Success” as a guide to get a home in move-in-ready condition and attract more attention from home buyers. Try these basic, budget-friendly steps. 

Dining Room

Make basic interior and exterior repairs and updates.

  • Is everything in working condition? Repair and replace broken bulbs, switches, ceiling fans, door knobs, leaky faucets, loose railings, and steps.
  • Touch up any obvious cosmetic damage, such as holes or dents in the walls, peeling paint, water damage, or cracked windows and tiles.
  • Switch out dated light fixtures and hardware in the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms with more contemporary styles for an instant boost.
  • Consider replacing older, less-efficient kitchen appliances with sleek, eco-friendly models to appeal to buyers.
Before & After
Before & After

Clean and declutter.

  • Stow away personal photos, collections, and knick-knacks that could distract buyers from seeing the property’s best features.
  • Remove unnecessary, dated, and larger furniture pieces that make a room feel dark and cramped.
  • Hire a professional cleaning service to make the home shine and smell fresh, which is especially important if pets are present.
Before & After
Before & After

Refresh and brighten.

  • Remove dated wallpaper and freshen walls with neutral paint so unique home features stand out.
  • Remove dark and heavy curtains to let more natural light in and spotlight the windows.
  • Remove and/or replace soiled carpeting, and polish dull and worn floors to make the room sparkle.
  • Consider spraying older kitchen cabinets or dark wood vanities with bright white paint, and add updated hardware for an instant facelift.
Living Room

Create a “wow” factor with inviting, modern styling.

  • Return rooms to their original purpose to match buyers’ needs (i.e. style an upstairs office or extra storage room with a bed, night stand, and small desk).
  • Use strategic furniture arrangements to improve flow and increase the perceived size of spaces.
  • Pair furniture with on-trend, modern accents that help buyers emotionally connect, such as shag or woven rugs, colorful wall art, pillows, and bright white bedding.

Partner with a pro.

Consult with a professional home stager who will have an objective eye and knowledge of what appeals to today’s sophisticated buyers. The stager can provide a range of solutions for enhancing your home showings by recommending furniture placement, wall color, and complementary modern accessories for achieving a clean, welcoming style.